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Written by Dr.Sumita Prajapati   

Aayushanti USA and Amritayu Healthcare India

Dr. Sumita Prajapati                                        

Director of amritayu Dr.Sumita Prajapati is M.D.(Mumbai, India). After completing studies in western & ayurvedic medicines integrated from Mumbai has experience of 12 years as practitioners of Ayurvedic and Western diagnostic and therapeutic techniques including Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. have worked in India extensively in Mumbai and have worked with more then 42,000 patients and have worked in USA, Canada, London and European Countries , regularly invited in western Countries for doing Pulse Reading, Treating Patients and Conducting speeches on Ayurvedic Benefits for Healthy living



Intensive research, treatment and exceptional results in diabetes, Infertility, Gynaec Problems, Digestive imbalance, Pimples, Hair fall, Obesity and Hormonal Imbalance.

They have produced remarkable measurable results in Challenging cases of Heart Problems, ,Cholesterol, Heart Blocks, Anger, Stress, Relationship Problems ,Mental issues, Paralysis, Parkinsonism, cancer lump, ankylosing spondylosis, rheumatic arthritis, excess Heat and Toxins related Problems, Arthritis, Asthma and Lung diseases

FDA regulated effective Herbs:

They have their own genuine certified FDA regulated Herb line produced under stringent conditions which are tried and tested on thousands of people with remarkable results and are exported to USA, UK and Canada.

Special Skills:

  • Stress Management
  • Detox Process
  • Cardiac Problems
  • Obesity, Arthritis

They are specialized in doing Panchkarma which is a detox process. In their Panchkarma centre in malad Mumbai many westerners come from abroad and also Indians to detoxify and rejuvenate. They can also set up centers for Panchkarma where space is provided

International Activities:

  • Treated number of patients in America, Switzerland, Europe, UK and Canada with excellent results. Travel back and Forth every 2 months to USA, Canada and India healing Patients with difficult health situations
  • Invited as Principle speakers in Dozens of International Symposium, Conventions and Medical Schools in America and have done Dozens of Radio and TV Interviews in Fox News , TV Asia, Zee Gujarati and Awake n Bake in usa to speak on effective uses of ayurveda and healthy diet
  • Interviews in TV Leban and New TV in Lebanon


Teaching Skills:

  • Hon. Medical officer in Yerala medical college
  • Lecturer in Bombay College of Pharmacy they trained thousands of people in courses on ayurvedic basics, Home Remedies, Life style, Panchkarma, Marma and herbal Formulations.
  • Speaker in world wellness open University Chennai
  • Speaker in convention in New Jersey by Art of Living
  • Publication of Health articles
  • articles on ayurvedic Life style every week in Millennium news Paper
  • 150 episodes on Beauty, Skin ,health ,hair, Arthritis Diabetes ,  Digestion and many other health related topics on 7 Star Care Tv
  • Series of 40 episodes on arthritis, diabetes, Blood Pressure health ayurvedic Cooking and many other topics in ‘Awake n Bake’ shows
  • They are the First Indian speaker abroad in
  • Southwest college of naturopathy in conference in Botanical Medicines Phoenix Arizona
  • Botanical Medicines Ashville North Carolina
  • Atlanta Natural health Clinic


Book Written :

‘Dr.Sumita’s Book on Pulse Reading’ is one of the high selling books amongst medical field in USA.



Amritayu India have done more then 200 Free camps for Tribal, Poor and really needy people of Maharashtra who earn their livelihood by cutting the woods. They were also doing Bone Density, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and other necessary Tests along with ayurvedic pulse Reading.

The camps were done in Ratnagiri, Mahad, Ganapati Phule, Vasai, Andheri, Tardeo, Dadar, Mulund and many other places

They continue doing the service to Poor people in India by way of doing this free health camps.

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What do People say about our Doctors?

They are adept Vaidyas who by simply reading your pulse, are able to offer concrete solutions to re-balance your body, Their Ayurvedic expertise on herbal remedies, dietary recommendations and Ayurvedic treatments and home remedies restore balance to the whole person.

Specializes in Children's Well Being, body alignment and adjustments through Marma Chikitsa and enjoys sharing his Ayurvedic wisdom through trainings and workshops on Ayurvedic Treatments and Marma points.

Dr. Sumita Prajapati, M.D. (Ayurveda), B.A.M.S.

is an accomplished Ayurvedic Vaidya who specializes in Women's Health, Fertility, Thyroid conditions, Obesity, Skin Conditions and Hair Loss. She even wrote her thesis on Diabetes.

Medicines from the Earth, 2007 15th Annual Symposium on Botanical Medicine June 2-4, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Symposium speakers included special guest Sumita Prajapati, Ayurvedic physicians from India.  They spend half the year traveling in the US offering lectures and consultations in Ayurveda, and half the year traveling in India performing "seva" by offering their services for free in the villages of the countryside.  Their goal is to reestablish the appreciation of Ayurvedic medicine in the home and kitchen before the knowledge is lost to modern pharmaceuticals (which are not usually available in poor country villages).  Their complete knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine is apparent in the lectures they presented on kitchen medicine, women's health and pulse diagnosis. 

Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine

The Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine at SCNM on April 5 and 6 welcomes Ayurvedic physician (Vaidya) Sumita Prajapati, who is presenting three lectures on Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of health and healing. Dr. Sumita speaks on Ayurveda for women and balancing the physiology, Vaidya Sumita practice in India and is dedicated to preserving the traditional uses of healing herbs in the villages there, before that knowledge is lost as the populace embraces modern pharmaceutical drugs.



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