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Written by Dr.Sumita Prajapati   

Success Stories of Patients

  • Degenerated Spine
  • Low Amniotic Fluid
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Healthy Joints
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Cervical Spondyolisis
  • Lumber Spodyolisis
  • Hair & Menstrual Problems
  • Lump
  • Psorices in the legs
  • Acne
  • About Dr Sumita's Book on Pulse Reading
  • General

Degenerated Spine

My name is Karen l. Stalie, and I am the owner of Earth Angels in Redding , California . Back in the mid 80's I was in an accident that flipped my spine and caused degeneration to my neck area. Just before I met Dr. Sumita, I had been through a battery of tests, CAT scan, and seeing specialists, and was left with what seemed no alternative but to look toward surgery to stop the degeneration in my spine.  I have always believed in natural cures; however I also know we have to know where to look, and I was at the end of my searching to no avail when Dr. Sumita came to Earth Angels to do their work.

Dr. Sunita began treating me with herbs for my situation back in July of 2005.  For the degree of my illness she quoted that it would take 9 months to a 1 year to correct my spine in the neck region. I am now seven months into my treatment and am excited and looking forward to achieving a healing in my spine without surgery. By this summer I plan on doing out door sports that I have not done for many, many years...

Thank you Dr.'s Keep up the great work.....................

Karen L. Stalie/Owner Earth Angels/ Redding


Dear Dr. Sumita,

I hope you are well.   As always, we enjoyed seeing you a couple of weeks ago.  As promised, I put together a short testimony about our experience with you. Dr. Sumita and her herbs have been a blessing to our family.  I hope that this testimonial can be used to help others to get connected with this wonderful and amazingly effective Ayurvedic practice.My 3 year old son had terrible eczema all over his arms, legs, stomach, back, and bottom.  It caused very dark patches on his skin and itched all of the time.  Dr. Sumita immediately advised that the problem was parasites and prescribed herbs.  The herbs took about 6 months to start working, but once they kicked in, they really resolved the skin issues.  His skin is about 95% clear after about a year of treatment.

My other 1 1/2 year old had nasal and chest congestion that interfered with his sleep.  Dr. Sumita prescribed him herbs also, which cleared the congestion in about a week.  We still use it periodically when the kids have a cold or allergy symptoms and it continues to be extremely helpful.  It's so great for the family when the kids can sleep well because the adults can then get some sleep and be better parents and better people in general!  I (a 40 year old woman) have had great success as well.  I took her herbs to help relax and for nasal congestion, they were very beneficial for me.  All of our family conditions exhibited an excess of Pitta and we've all followed the diet recommended by Dr. Sumita to reduce Pitta, which, again, has been truly effective.  We all feel better in general.  I believe in seeking Ayurvedic and Western medical advice simultaneously and checked with my traditional doctors during the whole process; I recommend that you do the same.  I wish everyone the best and I thank Dr.

Sumita and Dr. Philip Hurd (Atlanta Natural Health Clinic family)

Many Blessings, Calita Robinson



Low Amniotic Fluid

Dear Dr. Sumita,

Thank you very much for giving us the miracle cure of coconut water for low amniotic fluid. It had increased Lavina's fluid and kept her out of hospital and away from needles. She has now delivered a very healthy baby. 

We have been truly blessed getting to know you. 

Thank you once again
Thanks a million 

Lavina and Manoj Sachanandani




Dear All,

I would like to thank Dr.sumita from the bottom of my heart. My daughter Veda was born with Dr. Sumita’s recommendation of herbal remedies, diet and home remedies for me. I was successful in becoming Pregnant, but due to the condition i had, I was not able to bring the baby to full term. After Dr.Sumita's advice and expertise, I gave birth to a little girl I call Veda, since she was born with AYURVEDA. 

Mrs Neelam Raut
Andheri Mumbai 
Mr. and Mrs. Nachane were trying to conceive for 12 years. Mrs. Nachane had both the tubes blocked.  After starting Ayurvedic herbs advised by vaidya sumita and diet, Mrs.Nachaqne got pregnant in 3 months. According to the hormone reports, Mrs. Nachane was about to enter menopause at the age of 45. Here is Mr. & Mrs. Nachane and son, with Dr. Prajapati.





Mrs.Verma was having Diabetes since 3 years and was taking Anti Diabetic medicines .she could not eat any sweets and the blood sugar was not coming under control. She followed Herbs and Diet advise from Dr.Sumita Prajapati at andheri clinic in Mumbai India for 2 years and she is eating all kinds of sweets and stopped all the medicines as well as herbs since 5 years and her blood sugar always remains normal. She feels full of Health and Energy





"My name is Sonal. I would like to thank Dr. Prajapati from bottom of my heart as she changed my life. In my teens I was slim and weighed 42 kg. As I
started to take medicines for fertility (hormone pills to stimulate ovulation), I suddenly started to gain weight. My weight went to 78 kgs and I was feeling very heavy, nervous and not energetic. I was breathless while working. My husband suggested I Visit Dr. Prajapati. She saw my pulse and she told me what I am going through. She suggested some herbs and mung bean diet. I followed her suggestions carefully and I started to loose weight and it felt like all my toxins were coming out. I feel very fresh, energetic and very light. My fat started to dissolve. I lost 18 kgs within 4 months. Now even after 1 year I have maintained my weight inspite of stopping the Herbs for weight. Now she is treating me for my fertility.

Thank you Dr. Prajapati for helping me."



Healthy Joints

Dear Dr. Sumita
I am a 54 year old male living in Canada . I have been using Your ayervedic herbal supplements since August 2006. I play two to three games of hockey each week. I am the second oldest player on the team and most of the players are in their early 30's. I believe I would not be playing this caliber of hockey without the use of these supplements. I do believe I would not be able to keep up night after night.

Thank you for your support
Barry K Lee
Calgary Canada



Respiratory Disorders

I, Mrs. Dharini Parekh, am a mother of 2 daughters, aged, 9 years and 7 ½ years. Since their childhood, my daughters always fell ill every now and then, causing me a lot of anxiety. My younger daughter Sachi, had chronic respiratory illness, like cough, colds and other infections of the Upper Respiratory Tract. The normal medications only gave her temporary relief, and as soon as the weather changed, or if we traveled, the symptoms reappeared and we were back to square one.

My mother introduced us to one of the brilliant doctor whom she knew and she was Dr. Sumita Prajapati, who after careful diagnosis prescribed the necessary medications. My daughter has been under her treatment for a period of ten months and now most of the illness that they suffered from have become of thing of the past.

Their overall health has shown a tremendous improvement and my older daughter, Radhika’s grades have gone up at school because she was advising herbs to improve her memory and concentration. Earlier, she had problems in this area and hence was doing badly in her studies. Most importantly, their immunity has greatly improved.

Thanks to Dr. Sumita Prajapati and her herbs.

I am a happier mother now my kids are also healthy and happy. I have full faith in Dr. Sumita Prajapati and what other reassurance can there be than the fact that there are no side effects and that the herbs are all made from natural ingredients.



Cervical Spondyolisis

Rahul Gawde from Panvel new Mumbai India was suffering from severe Cervical Spondyolisis and he was having numbness in the hands due to nerve pinching in the cervical area and could not move the neck freely. He had neck stiffness and Pain and after 6 weeks of herbs , Diet and Marma he is having no pain , stiffness and numbness  




Mr.Mahesh Dhotre a case of severe Cervical Spondyolisis was unable to lift even 1 pound weight he had very severe pain after taking heavy dose of pain killers for 1 month also his pain was not reducing and now after 3 months of treatment he is feeling 100 % better and without pain





Lumber Spodyolisis 

Mr.Dube is having his office of Tours and Travels and he used to sit in one position for longer period due to his business.he started developing pinching of nerve in the L4-L5 which is lower vertebral area and also Lumber Spodyolisis.He could not walk or even sit for more then 5 minutes. He has to stand for some time after walking for 5 minutes because his leg would feel very heavy due to lack of circulation. he felt very much helpless. He started the herbs, diet and marma since2004 and after 2 years he has no pain or difficulty in walking. he walks 45 minutes daily without stop. His MRI report shows normal 



Hair & Menstrual Problems

I, Miss Sunita S. Shetty, would like to share my experience with you’ll friends.On 13th september, 1998 , I fell sick, like severe body pain and fever. I thought that it was a mild fever and by having a paracetamol, I would feel better the next day, but it didn’t happen so. I was sick for many days. We went to the doctor who gave me medicines for 15 days because I had got mild malarial fever. After having those medicines for nearly 1 ½ months, I felt better. Then I started having problems of heavy hair fall. I couldn’t understand what to do. At that time, my mother used to take medicines from,

Ayurvedic Medical Shop to buy some medicines and they told her about Doctor Sumita Prajapati who visits on Sundays. On 26th December, 1998 , I met Dr. Sumita Prajapati; she checked my pulse and gave me herbs for my hair and menstrual problem. I started having my herbs regularly and slowly, slowly within 2-3 months my hair fall became little less and then it completely stopped within the next 5-6 months. Even I started getting my menses regularly.

But in between, my problem started again and also came under control. Now I am 75% better, my hair fall has completely stopped and also my hair growth has increased. Recently, 4-5 months back, I came to know that my immune system is weak. Dr. Sumita Prajapati is treating me for this problem also and now my immune system has improved, now I don’t get cold and cough that easily.

Thanks to Almighty GOD and Dr. Sumita Prajapati and her medicines for solving my problem.




I would like to brief what exactly I had to go through for a month and a half.

I had gone for the Rock show on 15TH August where I usually do head banging. I, after the show always suffered from neck pain for a day or two maximum. But, this time it was totally different, I had lot of pain on my neck & I tried doing some neck exercises but there was no effect & I has a lump on my neck, so my mother advised me to show it to the doctor.

As usual, the doctor prescribed some medicines and asked me to show what ever the result is after 2 days. Still there was no result, so he gave me some pain killers and asked me to get my blood tested and a chest x-rays, if the pain killer’s didn’t work. So, I was a bit worried, because the doctor thought my case was quite serious though I thought my case was not so serious. So I decided to consult another doctor. When I met the second doctor, he was stunned looking at my neck so he could conclude that it was tuberculosis gland. He asked me to get my blood check-up and chest x-rays.

So, anyway, I didn't have any options, I got my blood test and chest x-rays. Both the reports were normal. I showed both the reports to the second doctor and he could not come to any conclusions, so he told me that it could be anything from:

  1. Normal Lump
  2. Tuberculosis Lump
  3. Cancer Lump.

Now, this was a biggest tension for me and my family. now my second doctor asked me to consult a specialist who asked me some questions like:-

  1. Whether I had fever.
  2. Whether I had some other problems.
  3. He asked me about my diet

He touched my lump and asked me whether there is any pain and told me that it has to be operated and he prescribed some heavier medicines and told me that even if these did not work, then it will have to be operated. So this was a bigger tension for me and my family and even they were giving the same advice to get it operated.

Then I decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment. At first, I didn't know whom to approach and it was getting delayed and adding more tension. One fine morning when I was going through my diary, I found the telephone number of Dr. Sumita Prajapati and decided to contact her and this was the last chance before undergoing the surgery. Dr. Sumita Prajapati made me comfortable in the very first meeting and told me that there was nothing to worry. They checked my Pulse and told me that I was having a lot of heat in my body and asked me whether I have some pain in my stomach. I was shocked to the conclusions of Dr. Sumita Prajapati after checking my pulse, which was up to my satisfaction and it came as a big relief to me because after a month and a half going through a mental torture, I found a right doctor.

After meeting both the doctors, I was very sure that I would be cured. Unlike other doctors, they heard my entire story and then came to conclusions. They gave me few herbs and a diet chart and asked to follow it strictly which my mummy took proper care of. Within a few weeks time, the herbs started showing results, Lump became softer and later on it burst open and I was been given some ointment to apply and it was cured in four months time. All praises to Dr. Sumita Prajapati for curing me, because they had relieved me of my biggest tension in my life. So whenever I come across anybody who is tired of allopathic medicines and suffered like me with those doctors, I guide them to go these doctors. It's not only my case that they have cured but people whom I recommend to them are also cured. So whenever anyone in my family or my friends are suffering from any health problems I would first suggest them to go to these doctors, as my case was a miracle.

A million thanks to Dr. Sumita Prajapati.

Mr. Pravin Rodrigues
Apna Ghar, Unit No. 1, Hrushikesh, B-B, 204,
Lokhandwala, Andheri (West), Bombay - 400053
India .
Tel - 91-22-6311362



Psorices in the legs


Pratiksha Gawde was suffering from Psorices in the legs since 3 years and had taken all kinds of treatment with no results and after taking the diet and herbs she is completely relieved from Itching , Rashes and skin discoloration and she feels completely cured




  About Dr Sumita's Book on Pulse Reading

Dr Sumita's understandable style of writing, makes a highly complex medical science, Ayurveda, easily graspable. I doubly appriciate her endeavour to make this  science available to a lay person ,so we can all have excellent health benefits. The training on pulse reading along with simple diagrams and desciptions of various body types, taught  me  how to recognise imbalance of the four basic elements in my body and gave me a practical  way to treat myself  through right food for my body type and through herbs and spices available in any kitchen.

Dr. Sumita has given us the choice  to use  home remedies or visit, if neccesary an ayurvedic practioner for herbs and Panchkarma, a complete body rejuvenating system. I feel 20 years younger after the treatment I just took this March, and am able to work 12 hours without tiring.

Khursheed Merchant
70 years
International Coach in Transformation and Empowerment Technologies




This is the young girl who had Acne all over the face which used to have Pus and were very painfull. she had tried all kinds of antibiotics and creams but with no result .Her skin is now completely healed and looks glowing after 5 months of  aayushanti herbs and Diet from Dr.Sumita






Dear Dr. Sumita,

This is to thank you for your wonderful health giving therapies given to us and our numerous family members and friends. You have been quite accurate in your diagnosis. You have always been very helpful and ever-smiling. You have always been available on phone or email and have always responded promptly. Problems that were considered incurable by several reputed doctors have been well treated by you, particularly in case of my mother and father at Delhi . You were so helpful when you accommodated and came over to Delhi to diagnose and start treatments for them.
Your treatments never seem to have created any negative side effects. Your teachings in the few courses we attended were excellent too. Your home remedies course is full of wisdom, which we all need to apply for our benefit.

Some suggestions as per our understanding: More emphasis on “home remedies” in your treatment may supplement the health benefits for life. More attention on specific diet and lifestyle guidance from you would also complement your treatments.

We are highly indebted to you.


Joy & Manna Manglani



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