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Dr. Sumita Prajapati

After completing studies in Mumbai accrued experience of 23 years as practitioner of Ayurvedic Pulse Reader, worked extensively in Mumbai, India, USA, Canada, London, Tanzania, Dubai and European Countries with more than 2,90,000 patients. regularly invited in western Countries for Pulse Reading, diet, lifestyle advise and conducting speeches on Ayurvedic Benefits for Healthy living.


Stress Management

Reduce the negative impacts caused by stress and to improve a person's physical and mental well-being.

Detox Process

Five procedures that help eliminate toxins from the body and restore balance among all three doshas

Cardiac Problems

Improve local blood supply by vasodilatation as well as reduce spasms of the intercostal muscles.

Obesity, Arthritis

a painful degenerative condition that can affect one or more joints


01 Panchkarma

02 Pulse Reading

03 Rare Herbs

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