ADD (Attention Deficit disorder) ADH / ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

General Symptoms – inattention, hyperactivity , wandering of mind, intellect, consciousness, knowledge, Memory inclination, Manners, activities, conduct , impulsive behavior in children’s

According to ayurveda – Vata aggravating lifestyle, too much sugar intake, excessive TV watching, and even Chemical toxicity during pregnancy

Remedy – Herbs like Ayumedha, Happimento, Brahmi and Arjun helps in Calming the brain focusing and alertness

Applying ghee on the temples as well as pressing the marma point in between both the eyebrows for 6 times gives miraculous help.
Many times This problems are wrongly diagnosed in children and they are given chemicals which harm them in long term .The simple cause of hyperactivity in children as per our practice and knowledge is Worms or Parasites in the stomach .The children’s are not able to explain what is happening to them and they become hyperactive .Just by giving anti worms home remedy like taking Ajawain 2 pinches and jaggery 2 pinches mixed together in the shape of small balls the worms come out and the children’s become normal .This kinds of children’s Pulse is like catching the neck of a Bunny or Rabbit very fast feels like vibrating and soft .so we find out first by checking the pulse if they are really ADD / ADHD or they have worms
If the Pulse is showing lots of vata or air moving up in the head then we give Vata pacifying Diet, Life style, herbs and Home Remedies to balance the excess vata which is the root cause of Hyperactive disorders

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