General symptoms: baldness , graying and thinning of hair, wrinkles, darkening of skin, double chin,  insomnia, loss of memory, generalized weakness, osteoporosis commonly in women.

According to ayurveda: childhood stage is dominated by kapha, adulthood by pitta, and old age by vata. Therefore vata aggravating diet and lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, smoking, drugs, accelerates the ageing process.

Remedy: herbal supplements like arjun ghan vati, hrudraj improves circulation. Herbal supplements like happimento, Ayumedha and brahmi ghan vati are given for loss of memory and insomnia. Arthronav, simhanad guggul, yograj guggul, are given for osteoporosis. Herbs like vikesh and calciamrit are given for hair growth. Herbs like supitta and apitta are given for improving metabolism. Daily massage of vata reducing oils and panchakarma procedures like medicated oil massages, medicated enemas and shirodhara helps in reducing ageing process.

Along with this avoiding vata aggravating diet and lifestyle is very helpful in reducing the ageing process.

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