Agni (Digestive Fire) & AAM (Toxic undigested Food)

Absence of Aam and Balanced Agni is the key for Good Health and Longevity (shatayu )

Aam is undigested food material that has been left in the intestines and organs of the body. As undigested residue accumulates in the body’s channels it putrefies, becomes very dense and sticky. This mucus like residue ferments, producing swelling and inflammation. Fermentation gives off gases, causing dryness and bloating, which is vata. Thus, these toxic gases enter the blood, muscle, bone, etc and degenerate these systems. This fermenting sticky aam-residue obstructs the functioning of the organs, tissues and cells. If this aam enters the Pancreas and blocks the channels it shows in the blood as Diabetes, if it enters in the Joints then it creates Rheumatoid Arthritis, If this aam enters the Lungs then Asthma, in the Heart creates Heart Block, in the Blood it shows as High Cholesterol and Triglycerides and if it enters the brain channels then lack of energy, confusion, insomnia and Depression occurs

Aam residue disrupts the natural intelligent flow of the physical dynamics in the body. Aam-toxins cause oxidation, much like ‘rusting’ of the tissues and organs due to the acid creating fermentation of toxic residue. Aam-toxins also cause low energy, blockages of circulation, dulling of the mind, constipation, diarrhea, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, migraines, chronic pain any number of symptoms can be experienced in your system if u have aam. When there is less aam (toxic tissue formation) there is healthy tissue produced (kapha and dhatu).
Agni or Digestive Fire or Proper Metabolism is the key component to bringing all of these factors into alignment and it is also responsible for maintaining the body’s integrity. Agni is the digestive fire, it creates healthy metabolism in the digestive organs as well as every organ, tissue and cell. Every organ, tissue and cell must take in nutrients and assimilate them via metabolism, agni. Then every organ, tissue and cell must expel waste and detoxify via metabolism. If metabolism is functioning correctly then there will not be a build up of aam-toxins, because the detoxification principle of agni-metabolism will occur efficiently and the systems will be well nourished. Proper digestion and assimilation of food is the main key for Health.
Easy to digest food like moong, rice , khichadi and vegetables should be consumed .The best thing for digesting the aam and improving digestion is drinking warm Ginger Water or Boiling Dry Ginger ¼ tsf,Oregano 2 pinch, Asafetida 1 pinch, Rock salt1/4 tsf, Black Pepper 2 pinch in a glass of water and drink 2 times a day
Ayurveda says 99 % of the imbalance or diseases are due to Agni Imbalance.
Having a strong appetite and eating in the day light hours only, will allow the proper metabolism of your food to take place. This results in a very nourishing substance that is healing to all the systems of the body and mind. Although if one eats during the night-time hours, the organs of digestion and elimination become dull or irritated due to accumulation of aam-toxin residue
Eating a rich breakfast and a substantial lunch at midday and an optional small dinner before the end of daylight will prevent un-natural cravings. Your metabolism and energy will remain strong if you eat good quantity in the daytime and less and Light at the night. Otherwise, if one eats heavy food at night, the process of detoxification gets blocked and aam-toxins accumulate. Thus the person feels heavy in the morning due to undigested food
Supplements to Improve Agni and digest Aam
APAN and  COLOCARE are excellent in digesting aam and removing through stools and also helps reduce IBS, mucus gases bloating sticky stools and promotes better digestion and lightness
SLIKONA AND HRUDRAJ are good for  heart by digesting fat cholesterol and triglycerides.They also help to digest blocks in circulation and strengthens the heart
MEHALITE and DYBENAV are excellent to remove blocks from Pancreas and balance the flow of insulin
If there is good metabolism in the body, there will be good metabolism in the mind and emotions. The physical fire of digestion results in the mental fire of comprehension. Comprehension is the transformation of information into understanding. Similarly, physical food (physical information) is transformed into physical tissues (physical understanding). And thus if the mental metabolism is sharp it will not accumulate mental aam-toxins which are negative thinking and dullness. Mental energy largely depends on the quality of fuel supplied to it by proper digestion of nutritious foods. This physical digestion allows the brain to be fed the proper combinations of chemicals via the blood sugar and healthy fats and proteins. If we eat junk foods or have poor metabolism then the brain receives less than adequate nourishment and thus the brain function is hindered. By your dietary practices, your mind can lifted into a creative state or it can be dulled into depression or easily angered. It is your choice to make on a daily basis. Respect your physical digestion and cultivate it daily to create mind functions that will be uplifting and clear. This way, your mind will be a good companion to you and not a burdensome, dull and negative obstacle.
It is very important to avoid chemical additives Flavorings, Colorings, Pesticides, Herbicides, Antibiotics, Hormones and Steroids in Foods and preservatives. This includes harmful antibiotics, hormones and steroids that are injected into farm animals. Most important is to avoid all meat and dairy products that are not “certified organic”. Also, you will benefit greatly from avoiding all foods that contain synthetic additives and synthetic preservatives and flavorings such as M.S.G., potassium sorbate, and synthetic coloring dyes. Read labels. Be sure to shop at natural health food grocery stores.
Warming spices like black pepper, ginger and ghee should be consumed for balancing digestive fire.
Chronic and debilitating illnesses affect tens of millions of people in the U.S. A few examples of these types of avoidable illnesses are high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, A.D.D., allergy, immune disorders, frequent cold and flu, chronic muscular pain, arthritis and cancer. Many of these illnesses are caused by toxic chemicals in our food and water supply and the vast number of chemicals in our hygiene products, dental fillings and environment.
Most people’s energy levels, mental functions and immune functions are debilitated from eating a diet that is denatured, overly-processed and devoid of vital nutrients. Any food, snack or dessert that you enjoy eating can be had in a natural, healthy version. Once you have had chemical free and pesticide free foods and products you will begin to crave the excellent taste of natural substances.