General symptoms: symptoms are gradual, and disease is slowly progressive. Disease starts with loss of concentration, apathy, tendency to withdraw from social interactions. Gradually symptoms like abstract thinking, irritability, quarrelsomeness and finally leading to confusion and disorientation.

According to ayurveda: vata aggravating diet and lifestyle, consumption of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and trauma are causes of Alzheimer.

Remedy: herbal supplements like brahmi ghan vati, happimento helps in balancing vata in brain. panchakarma procedures like vata reducing oil massages,enemas and nasyas helps in balancing vata. Also procedures like shirodhara, heart dhara of vata reducing oils helps in balancing vata. Applying ghee on the temples at bedtime helps for improving focus and memory. Use 2-3 tsf ghee in the food
Soak 4 almonds and 2 Dates at bedtime in the morning throw the water and grind with milk or water and consume along with the breakfast for improving memory.
Also avoiding vata aggravating diet and lifestyle, negative emotions is also helpful.

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