General symptoms: Pain, Swelling, Redness , Limitation of motion, early morning stiffness, warmth in a joint, weakness combined with pain, increased pain when weather changes, cracking sounds from joints, unexplained fever.

According to ayurveda: vata aggravating lifestyle, stress, improper digestion, sedentary lifestyle, wrong postures and improper sleep are the causative factors of ayuveda.
According to ayurveda arthritis is basically of two type’s aamvata or rheumatoid arthritis and sandhivata or osteoarthritis. Aamvata or rheumatoid arthritis is due to accumulation of toxins or aam in the joints along with depletion of calcium and synovial fluid thus causing restricted movement, severe pain, swelling, unexplained fever and warmth in the joints due to the toxins. Sandhivata or osteoarthritis is due to excessive vata aggravation in the joints and depletion of calcium thus causing moving pain swelling degeneration and deformities in joints.

Remedy: herbal supplements like arthronav, simhanad guggul, ayusandhi and amritprabha helps in reducing the aamvata.
While herbal supplements like arthronav, yograj guggul, lakshadi guggul,calcimrit and aayusandhi helps in curing osteoarthritis.

home remedies such as ½ tsp castor oil with warm water or ginger tea before bed and consumption of 2 tsf white sesame seeds  empty stomach in the morning helps in arthritis.
Also avoiding vata aggravating diet such as too much citrus, fermented and heavy beans Avoiding vata aggravating lifestyle and stress will help in healing this disease.

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