General symptoms: chronic anxiety, overwhelming, worry, difficulty to take decisions, difficulty in thinking clearly, nail biting, loss of confidence, palpitations, heavy breathing, headache, sleep disorders, irritability, depression, digestive problems.

According to ayurveda: vata aggravating diet and life style, smoking, alcohol consumption, chemicals, drugs, emotional ups and downs, hectic lifestyle are the root causes of stress.




Brahmi ghan vati



They help in reducing stress and relaxing the mind. Also daily application of G3 oil in the scalp helps better sleep and focus.
Panchakarma procedures like shirodhara, heart dhara , head massage and oil massages helps to combat stress.
Application of cow ghee on the temples helps in reducing stress.
Avoiding vata aggravating diet and lifestyle is very important

Sleep apnoea

General symptoms: breathing stops during sleep and pauses in breathing is called apnoea,It can occur many times a night and are more likely to occur in certain positions, particularly when sleeping on the back, experiencing choking sensation, excessive body movements during sleep, loss of concentration, headaches, lack of interest in sex.

According to ayurveda: consumption of alcohol, smoking, vata aggravating diet and
Lifestyle, stress, late night sleeps are basic causes of sleep apnoea. Also wrong sleeping position is the basic cause of sleep apnoea.







They help in sleep apnoea by reducing the blocks in respiratory tract removing mucus, opening the respiratory channels , making respiratory muscles strong and improving quality and quantity of sleep . Application of cow ghee on the temples and avoiding vata aggravating lifestyle and stress helps in sleep apnoea.
Avoid sleeping on the back Lie on the left side which is also called left lateral Position will help the oxygen to enter properly and allows the organs to relax
Reducing weight also helps in sleep apnoea.


General symptoms: Snoring is a sound resulting from turbulent airflow that causes the tissues of the nose and throat to vibrate during sleep. The turbulent air flow is related to a narrowing at some point in the nose, mouth, or throat. Different people who snore may have various reasons for the narrowing of the air spaces leading to snoring.

According to ayurveda: snoring is due to common cold, obesity, sinus infection, sleep apnea , sinusitis, heart problems, Bronchitis, Obesity Indigestion, Gases, Respiratory problems, ageing and not sleeping in a proper position.



Pulmotone, Kasno helps in respiratory problems

Arjun , Somayu , Brahmi ,Ayumedha and Happimento helps in Heart and Mental issues and medohar guggul , Slikona and Triphala Guggul will help in obesity.

Try to follow Kapha Diet and Lifestyles for fat loss and getting rid of mucus in chest and respiratory system


General symptoms: agitation, excitement, excessive alertness, restless legs, low concentration, loss of memory.

According to ayurveda: vata aggravating diet, lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and stress creates vata imbalance in the brain and causes lack of sleep and restlessness

Remedy: herbal supplements like brahmi, happimento ,Hrudraj , Ayumedha and Ashwagandha helps in reducing restlessness. if restlessness is due to hormonal imbalance herbs such as Amritprabha , ashwagandha and shatavari for both men and women and herbs such as cyclonav in females helps restlessness in females.
Application of cow ghee in the temples helps in restlessness.
Also avoiding vata aggravating diet and lifestyle, avoiding late night sleeps, stress helps in curing restlessness.


General symptoms: Pain or restriction in movements of affected parts of the body, loss of memory, loss of sensory movements, numbness and tingling, difficulty in balancing, difficulty in speech.

According to ayurveda: trauma, stress ,Anger ,Too much Worries, Sudden mental Shock,  High Blood Pressure Pitta and vata aggravating diet and lifestyle are the basic causes of paralysis.


Supplements –

Hrudraj , amritsandhika, Ayurja, Ayusandhi helps in paralysis. Herbs like brahmi ghan, happimento to be taken with honey helps in calming the brain. arjun ghan and hrudraj helps to improve circulation. Pachakarma procedures like vata reducing oil enemas, along with daily massage of vata reducing oils helps in improving muscle tone in paralysis. Shirodhara and nasya of vata reducing oils helps in removing excess vata from brain.

vata reducing diet and lifestyle is helpful.


General symptoms: walking with a limp or gait problem, numbness and tingling in affected limp, difficulty in balancing is known as limping.

According to ayurveda: trauma, poor posture, vata aggravating diet and lifestyle causes vata imbalance in brain or in the limp is the basic cause of limping.



Ayusandhi, Amritsandhika, Ayurja,Hrudraj helps in improving  movements of legs. Ayumedha and happimento helps in balancing vata in the brain.  Panchakarma procedures like vata reducing oil enemas and vata reducing oil massages helps in balancing vata in the limp. Shirodhara and vata reducing oil nasya helps in balancing vata in brain.


General symptoms: difficulty falling asleep, irritation, loss of memory, poor concentration, fatigue, depression.

According to ayurveda: due to excess of vata and Pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle, Pitta with the help of vata enters in the brain which is like hot air moving inside the brain due to which there is difficulty in falling asleep.



Somayu, Happimento, Ayumedha ,Apan helps in calming the brain.
Application of cow ghee on the temples helps in attaining good sleep.
Drinking warm milk with 2 pinches of Nutmeg also helps for better sleep
Avoiding vata and Pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle, stress, late night sleeps helps in insomnia. For reducing excess heat Apitta and supitta are very effective.


General symptoms: inability to conceive after one year of attempting for getting pregnant is called infertility.

According to ayurveda: due to pitta aggravating lifestyle and diet, stress excess of heat is produced in the body due to which infertility may occur. also hormonal imbalance is one of the basic causes of infertility. and there are many other reasons like ovulation problems tube block or sperm issues in men



Supitta, Apitta are given to reduce heat. mixture of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds powders helps in reducing heat. cyclonav, femnika ,Amritprabha are given for hormonal balance in females. Kaishor guggul, kanchanar guggul is given for hormonal imbalance and Tubes block or fibroids. For good sperm count and good quality of sperms Urjan Amritprabha and Ayurja are given. Panchkarma procedures such as virechan, yoni dhavan and uttar basti helps in improving fertility to a great extent. Also avoiding pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle helps for sperm and ovum to survive in uterus

Hot flushes

General symptoms: A hot flush is a feeling of warmth that spreads over the body, but is often most strongly felt in the head and neck regions. Hot flashes may be accompanied by perspiration or sweating.

Reasons According to ayurveda: menopause, hormonal imbalance, pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle , smoking, consumption of alcohol  are the basis causes of hot flushes.



Supitta, Apitta, Amritkala,Laxigen helps in cooling and reducing hot flushes.
Consumption of 1/4 tsp soaked sabja (Tukhmaria) seeds with milk in morning on empty stomach helps in hot flushes.
Avoiding pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle, avoiding smoking, alcohol consumption non veg, hot, fermented and spicy foods helps in hot flushes.