Breast Under developed or small

General symptoms: no growth of breast, small size of breast, small size of nipples all comes under underdeveloped breast.

According to ayurveda: During pregnancy if the mother has not follwed proper nourishing diet the developing foetus may have tendency to have underdeveloped breasts, smoking, hormonal imbalance, vata aggravating diet and lifestyle, fasting for long time, eating less food are causes of breast growth.


Supplements Ayurja,cyclonav, Amritprabha are given in case if a lack of growth is due to hormonal imbalance .for other reasons supplements like Ayurja,Ashwagandha, Actinav are given for breast growth. panchakarma procedures like uttar basti, and vata reducing oil massages and enemas are given in hormonal imbalance.
Along with this avoiding smoking and vata aggravating factors is beneficial.

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