Dr Sumita Prajapati

Dr Sumita Prajapati is a Doctor of Global repute recognised by clients and medical Practitioners internationally. She is an MD (Ayurved) from famous Poddar Ayurvedic medical college and Research Center Mumbai.After completing studies in Western & Ayurvedic medicines in Mumbai .A Pulse reading Wizard , she practises at several clinics in the city with Thousands of clients benefiting from her recommendations .She accrued experience of 22 years as practitioner of Ayurvedic Pulse Reader, worked extensively in Mumbai, India, USA, Canada, London, Tanzania, Dubai and European Countries with more than 3 lac patients. regularly invited in western Countries for Pulse Reading, diet, lifestyle advise and conducting speeches on Ayurvedic Benefits for Healthy living

Areas of Expertise:

Exceptional results in high blood sugardifficulty in conceiving, Digestive imbalances, Stress ManagementThyroid imbalance, Skin healing, Pimples, joints problems, Hair fall, Obesity, children’s issues and Hormonal Imbalance. Produced remarkable measurable results in Challenging cases of high Cholesterol & Triglycerides, arthritis, excess Heat and Toxins related Problems Asthma, Women’s Health, Fertility, Skin Conditions and Hair Loss. She wrote her thesis on Diabetes.

Hundreds of babies are born across the globe in challenging cases of Infertility


  • Intensive research, treatment and exceptional results in diabetes, Infertility, Gynaec Problems, Digestive imbalance, Pimples, Hair fall, Obesity and Hormonal Imbalance.

Produced remarkable measurable results in Challenging cases of Heart Problems, Heart Blocks, Cholesterol, Paralysis, Parkinsonism, cancer lump, ankylosing spondylosis, rheumatic arthritis, excess Heat and Toxins related Problems, Arthritis, Asthma and Lung diseases

Special Skills

She is specialized in doing Panchkarma which is a detox process.In their Panchkarma centre in malad Mumbai many westerners come from abroad and also Indians to detoxify and rejuvenate.

International Activities

Healed and Balanced number of  clients with excellent results across the Globe

Invited as Principle speakers in Naturopathy Schools in America and have done Dozens of Radio and Tv Interviews in TV Asia, care world TV, TV 9 Channel and Awake n Bake to speak on effective uses of Ayurveda and healthy diet

Which are available to watch on YouTube channel


Teaching Skills

  • Worked as Hon. Medical officer in Yerala ayurvedic medical college Kharghar for 3 years
  • Conducted courses on ayurvedic basic principles in Bombay College of Pharmacy, trained hundreds of people on Home Remedies, Life style, Panchkarma, Marma and herbal Formulations.
  • First Indian Teacher in Southwest college of naturopathy in Botanical Medicines Phoenix Arizona & Botanical Medicines Asheville North Carolina and Atlanta Natural health Clinic USA
  • More than 500 students learned from her basics of Ayurveda, herbs, Practical use of Ayurveda in their practice and Ayurvedic Nadi Pariksha
  • Done number of webinars internationally for London ,Lebanon, India and America
  • TALK AT IGLOBAL NEWS (Multi-Media Platform for Global Indians )  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9mwWrwCQfg&t=16s

FDA approved effective Herbs

They have their own genuine certified FDA Approved Herb line produced under stringent conditions which are tried and tested on thousands of people with remarkable results and are exported to USA, UK and Canada.

Publication of Health articles

  • Ayurvedic Life style weekly in Millennium newsPaper
  • Ayurvedic health benefits published in POLICE TODAY Mumbai magazine
  • Done number of episodes on Beauty, Skin, health, hair, Arthritis Diabetes Digestion and many other health related topics on Care World TV, Interviews in TV Laban and New TV in Lebanon,
  • Series of 40 episodes on arthritis, diabetes, Blood Pressure health ayurvedic Cooking and many other topics in ‘Awake n Bake’ shows in california America 
  • Speaker in world wellness open University Chennai
  • Articles published in London magazine-ASIALITE
  • Wrote articles in botanical medical book Phoenix Arizona about

Effective results of Gudmar (Latin Name-GYMNEMMA SYLVASTRE) in naturally controlling sugar, Pulse Reading, Ayurved and Women

She is the First Indian speaker abroad in

  • Southwest college of naturopathy in conference in Botanical Medicines Phoenix Arizona
  • Botanical Medicines Ashville North Carolina
  • Atlanta Natural health Clinic

Book written:

‘Dr.Sumita’s Book on Pulse Reading’ is one of the high selling books amongst Ayurvedic students