General symptoms: sudden hair loss of about more than 50 hairs per day, and graying of hair.

According to ayurveda: pitta aggravating lifestyle and diet, late night sleeps, stress, use of chemicals on the hair , menopause, hormonal imbalance and to some extent vata aggravating diet and lifestyle are the main causes of falling of hair. Also some skin infections like Dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp causes hairfall.

Remedy: herbal supplements like vikesh, calciamrit helps in reducing hairfall. Supitta and apitta are also given to reduce the heat. In skin infections of the scalp herbs like gloderm or manjistha are given according to the type of skin infection.
2 tsp of white til seeds early in the morning empty stomach helps in improving natural calcium necessary for hair growthl.In small children worms is one of the cause of hairfall. in such cases gloderm or neem is given in half doses .also avoiding pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle ,avoiding late night sleeps and stress helps in reducing hairfall.

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