General symptoms: inability to conceive after one year of attempting for getting pregnant is called infertility.

According to ayurveda: due to pitta aggravating lifestyle and diet, stress excess of heat is produced in the body due to which infertility may occur. also hormonal imbalance is one of the basic causes of infertility. and there are many other reasons like ovulation problems tube block or sperm issues in men



Supitta, Apitta are given to reduce heat. mixture of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds powders helps in reducing heat. cyclonav, femnika ,Amritprabha are given for hormonal balance in females. Kaishor guggul, kanchanar guggul is given for hormonal imbalance and Tubes block or fibroids. For good sperm count and good quality of sperms Urjan Amritprabha and Ayurja are given. Panchkarma procedures such as virechan, yoni dhavan and uttar basti helps in improving fertility to a great extent. Also avoiding pitta aggravating diet and lifestyle helps for sperm and ovum to survive in uterus

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