The Detoxification and Healing Process

History tells us that around five thousands of years ago, one will find mention of the principles of Panchakarma. Going through the books about the history of Ayurvedic medicine, we find that physicians of Greek, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and South America, due to different reasons, were using various methods of Panchakarma therapies. It is general belief in Ayurvedic circles, the Indian culture started in Vedic times. Ayurvedic classics mention that this particular therapy eradicates diseases permanently and leaves no chance for relapse. Panchakarma, the essence ofAyurvedic treatment, offers systematic treatment by eliminating toxins and impurities in the body. According to the Charaka Samhita, the body normally uses three routes to eliminate waste products and toxins: the mouth, anus and pores of the skin. The three doshas act as the vehicle that carries ama either upward, downward or through the periphery. Pancha means five and karma means action, therefore, Ayurveda believes, that apart from the many subsidiary treatments, there are five main action procedures that will eliminate toxins from the tissues in the body.

Ayurveda offers complete care for many diseases. Through its holistic approach towards diseases and tries to maintain harmony of the body, mind and senses. Just like a car needs annual maintenance servicing Human body which undergoes regular wear & tear also needs to be cleansed and rejuvenated regularly. Ayurveda advises panchakarma treatment for the same.

Panchakarma is the method of cleansing and detoxifying the body. Diseases occur when toxins accumulated in the body. A faulty diet, inappropriate lifestyle and regular 4 times lock the circulatory channels and causes sickness. Hence the body needs complete cleansing once a year.


Panchakarma and Ageing

As per Ayurveda vata dosha is predominant as you age and ailments like joints pain, osteoporosis, Constipation, respiratory disorder, weak memory, weak eye sight are common. Hence the Panchakarma treatment is recommended for elderly people for rejuvenating and they are Snehan, Swedan, Basti, Nasya, Netra Basti Shirodhara Shiro Basti.

Case studies


Testimonials of Infertility

Before conception ayurveda advises to detoxify the system with Panchkarma for prevention of birth defects or congenital and hereditary problems in the next generation and the children’s born with our herbs and the exact procedure of Panchkarma before conception are very healthy and have a very strong immune system.

For the couples who have excess heat and the reports are normal but they are still not able to conceive due to toxins or heat ,Panchkarma is the best solution for them and we have hundreds of couples who conceived after Panchkarma naturally and have very Healthy Babies.

Recently last week there are 3 new cases who conceived just after 2 months of aayushanti herbs advised by dr Sumita and a week of virechan treatment.One case conceived after 8 years of marriage with both tubal blocks.

Skin Diseases

Panchkarma for Skin Diseases

Skin diseases are due to excess heat or toxins accumulation in the blood called Lohivikar or Blood Impurities and Panchkarma is the way to clean the toxins from the blood and rejuvenate the skin.It is very effective in all skin disorders including chronic Psorisis, excema Acne Viral Pustules and herpes



Testimonial of a client name Sunil in Mumbai India who had Psoriasis since 6 years and got increased creatinine due to taking lots of steroids and antibiotics for it. His vaman was done Thrice and Virechan 4 times along with 3 times bloodletting now he is completely healed has no patches and the kidneys have rejuvenated and the creatinine is normal.hundreds of Clients of Psoriasis,Eczema,Urticaria,Pimples, Pigmentation, Vitiligo and many more skin diseases are cured with Dr.Sumita’s aayushanti herbal treatments.




Vamana – Therapeutic Emesis
(Upward movement – Kapha dosha zone)

Vamana, the least understood of Ayurvedic medicine, is a method of induced vomiting, in this process the emetic drugs are given to the patient due to which the doshas in the body are liquefied and expelled through the oral route. This procedure, done correctly, is quite smooth and painless. Vomiting is a natural reflex like coughing or sneezing and the body does not have to exert itself. It is very effective in lung problems, bronchial asthma, skin diseases, like eczema, psoriasis and leukoderma, chronic cold, diabetes millitus,
arterioasclerosis, rheumatic diseases, obesity, hyper-acidity, sinusitis, etc.

Virechan – Therapeutic Purging
(Downward movement – Pitta dosha zone)

Virechan is a medically induced purgation that cleanses the small intestine and associated pitta organs, such as the liver and gall bladder that are in the mid zone of the body. It is very effective in skin diseases, ascitis,
jaundice, acidity, asthma, gynaecological disorders, colitis, urticaria, hemorrhoids, chronic headaches, migraine and malapsorption. It is a controlled process that gathers ama from many pitta areas in the body then concentrates it in the small intestines and discharges it through the rectum – it also helps remove waste matter and toxicity from the blood.

Basti – Colon Cleansing Therapy (Downward movement – Vata zone)

Basti is an enema of herbal concoction, medicated oil or medicated ghee. This enema is different to the simple enema. In this treatment the loosened doshas are flushed out through the intestinal tract. It
is very effective in various musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis, paraplegia, hemiplegia, paralysis, disorder of the spine, low backache, constipation, sciatica, rheumatism, and different neurological
ailments. Apana vata blockage is one of the main causes of disease, when through Basti we are able to bring vata back to its normal flow in a downward direction allowing other sub-functions of vata regain their correct functioning. The importance of the colon is likened to that of a large tree with flowers, fruits, leaves,branches, bark and trunk. The whole of the tree relies for its nourishment on its roots. Through the roots, the tree takes in water and nutrients, which it circulates throughout its structure and feeds and transforms the nutrients into its trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits etc. Therefore, in Ayurveda the roots of the tree constitute the colon, the main organ for the sustenance of life. Imagine the colon to be the root as it performs the most important part of providing healthy nutrients to nourish and sustain all the organs and tissues of the body.

Nasya – Cleansing the Head Region (Upward movement – Kapha dosha zone)

Ayurveda describes the nose as the doorway to the brain. Nasya is medicated oil administered through the nostril, in a special manner. This procedure purges and rejuvenates the tissues and organs of the head and neck. It is very effective in sinusitis, headaches, neuralgia, epilepsy, common cold, hair fall and eye problems, improves oxygenation – the flow of prana and has a positive effect On degenerative diseases of the brain.

Many People with Snoring got excellent results with Dr Sumita’s specially designed Nasya Oils.

Rakta Mokshan – Blood Letting Therapy (Peripheral movement – through blood vessels)

Although Rakta Mokshan is the most limited of the five major procedures, it is a treatment where a small quantity of impure blood is ‘letted’ by means of leeches or a syringe. It is very effective and successfully treats many types of skin disorders, arthritis, varicose veins, eczema, urticaria, rashes, leukodermia
and many other local inflammatory conditions.
Once ama has gone from the blood, Rakta metabolism improves and the blood can perform its job efficiently.

Some of the other preparatory treatments prior to a full Panchakarma are:

In this process warm medicated oil is applied over the body and massage given by expert masseurs. It is effective for arthritis, paralysis, muscle tightness, stress, vata imbalance, low circulation. It helps
to improve circulation, relax muscles and removes toxins.

The person is placed in an herbalised steam box. The steam opens the pores of the skin and releases entrapped toxins in the skin tissue. It is effective in pain and joint disorders.
There is dry swedan that is done with ginger, ajwain, sea sand or dry herbal poultice for severe arthritis.


Medicated warm oil is poured continuously onto the third eye and forehead for approximately 30 minutes. It is effective for insomnia, chronic headache, Tension, Anxiety, low concentration, Schizophrenia, Stress, Epilepsy, depression, disorders of the brain, mental retardation, paralysis Hair fall, Grey hair, and hypertension.

There are great results with medicated Butter milk Dhara on forehead in cases of Pigmentation on forehead , dandruff , hair fall and lack of sleep at aayushanti.


In this process boluses of rice are tied up in a bag, the bag is heated and applied externally over the body. It is effective in a wasting associated diseases, facial paralysis, low backache and muscular diseases, etc.Again, as with swedan, there is dry pindswedana that is done with ginger, ajwain, sea sand or dry herbal poultice for severe arthritis.

Netra basti or Netratarpana

In this process medicated ghee is applied to the eyes. The ghee is contained by a dam of dough around the eye sockets. It is very effective in eye strain, myopia and improves vision.

Heart Dhara (Uro Basti)

Uro basti means ‘retained on the chest and heart area’. It uses medicated oils in a container – also constructed of black gram dough – around the heart. It reduces pain in the sternum area and strengthens the heart.

Kati Basti
Katt basti means ‘retained on the lower back’. Apply medicated oil in a container of black gram dough built around the lumbrosacral area. This form of external basti particularly benefits muscle spasm and
rigidity of the lower spine and strengthens the bone tissue in that area.

Panchkarma for different diseases

  • Respiratory Disease- Swas basti,Pindswed,Oil massage and steam on chest and back,Vaman
  • Migraine Headaches- Shirodhara Nasya oil massages on head and sinus points Vaman Virechan basti.
  • Acidity- Vaman Virechan (mild) Shirodhara (in case of anxiety, tension) heart dhara
  • Osteoarthritis- Pindswed Siddha paste on affected area Basti Nadi swed.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis- Dry pind swed Virechan Basti langhan
  • Spondylosis- Pindswed oil massages spinal dhara Virechan Basti siddha treatment marma treatment.
  • Infertility- Full Panchkarma
  • Gout- Pindswed Virechan Basti Raktamokshan
  • Hypertension,Anger,Anxiety,Frustration- Shirodhara Heart dhara Virechan Basti.
  • Skin Disorders- Vaman Virechan Raktamokshan

Post Panchkarma

Herbs are started for complete Rejuvenation also called Kaya Kalpa means getting a new Birth or new Life. we have seen many patients getting new Teeth and hair growth after Pancchkarma and Rejuvenation process and they start to look at least 5 years young and the skin starts to glow and radiate
Herbs works faster after Panchkarma since the body is Pure.

How Pancha Karma is different from other detoxification programs?

The main difference between Pancha Karma and other modalities of detoxification is while others tend to cleanse the colon and body in a drastic, impersonal way that can often be harsh on the inner lining of the intestines and also demanding on our mind and emotions inturn increases air, ageing and dryness ,Pancha Karma works in a gentler way and penetrates more deeply into the tissues for the removal of ama. Always under the guidance of an experienced Panchkarma practitioner and Pulse Reader, with the help of herbs, oils, steam, and emotional nurturing, toxins soften, liquefy, and dislodge. Through the gentleness of the therapies and personal support, the overall message the body and soul receive is one of acceptance, nourishment, and release.

People receiving Pancha Karma treatments often remark how much more connected they feel with themselves. Their weight and appetite balance out, they are re-vitalized and motivated. Bone and muscle pain can minimize or disappear. Deep sleep patterns reoccur. Digestion and assimilation harmonize. Getting new hair growth, good nails and Reduction in wrinkles, Balance in cholesterol, triglycerides, Blood sugar, Thyroid and other hormones is established. This ancient 5000-year-old practice of detoxification, while evolving to suit the times of modern culture, carries with it the eternal knowledge of life.