General symptoms: Pain or restriction in movements of affected parts of the body, loss of memory, loss of sensory movements, numbness and tingling, difficulty in balancing, difficulty in speech.

According to ayurveda: trauma, stress ,Anger ,Too much Worries, Sudden mental Shock,  High Blood Pressure Pitta and vata aggravating diet and lifestyle are the basic causes of paralysis.


Supplements –

Hrudraj , amritsandhika, Ayurja, Ayusandhi helps in paralysis. Herbs like brahmi ghan, happimento to be taken with honey helps in calming the brain. arjun ghan and hrudraj helps to improve circulation. Pachakarma procedures like vata reducing oil enemas, along with daily massage of vata reducing oils helps in improving muscle tone in paralysis. Shirodhara and nasya of vata reducing oils helps in removing excess vata from brain.

vata reducing diet and lifestyle is helpful.

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