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Indications:  Helps relieving Abdominal colic, indigestion, flatulence, blocks in respiratory, mental, circulatory and digestive channels. Sluggish digestion and metabolism. Stimulates appetite and gastric enzymes and regulates digestive and metabolic fires. Reduces aam and
rectifies the movement of Vata; penetrates deeply through blocks created by Aam. Eliminates Aam. Increases dhatu agni, It also stimulates Agni at digestion and metabolic levels. Decreases vata and slightly increases pitta; kills worms, amebas and removes toxins; affects mind and emotions. Brings vata to its normal path (when apana vata goes ion upward direction, it pushes prana and brings all the toxins to the respiratory tract and head. Apaan helps to bring apana to its normal downward direction and restores the normal movement of prana. Consequently, brings toxins from respiratory tract and head to the abdomen.
2-4 tablets a day. 1 am. 1 pm. 60/120 tablets.

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