Indications: ‘Burn-out syndrome’, fatigue overworking, cancer, low energy and low vitality. Acidity, leucorrhea, thirst, fever, vertigo, vomiting, polyuria, internal bleeding, mouth dryness, headache, hyperacidity, hair loss, lack of calcium, burning sensation in urinary and digestive tract, anger, disorders of violated Pitta. Cooling, heat from tapas, due to overexertion (Ati Karmayog) and overworking body cells, gets dehydrated with beginning of aging, low immunity, low strength. Re-hydrates the worn cells giving them new life, allowing the body to get rejuvenated and stronger with energy, Good for all pathologies due to an imbalance of Pitta particularly psychological and physical problems;Reduces the fluidity, heat and sharpness of Pitta in blood; very cooling, give to sharp and hot people; rejuvenates dhatus improving memory and intellect, health, youth, enthusiasm and physical energy; relieves all kind of physical mental and emotional disorders caused by Pitta. Nourishes ashti (bone) and
majja (marrow) dhatus strengthening bones; reduces Pitta at digestive level and in chyle, increases agni, stimulates gastric enzymes and improves digestion and appetite; Digests Aam
2 tablets per day. 1 am, 1 pm. 30/120 tablets.

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