Indications: Weak memory, lack of focus and concentration, hysteria, dysarthria, and depression, CNS disorders; epilepsy,Convulsions, stress, emotional and mental disturbances.
Nourishes all Dhatus especially nervous system promoting sattva character of mind, awareness, intellect, memory, and imagination; tranquillise nerves relieving anxiety, stress, restlessness, anger; rectifies Vata to move in its natural path in the brain, reduces Pitta and Aam by digesting it; stimulates gastric enzymes improves digestion and appetite; carminative; in case of pregnancy, if taken between the 24th week and delivery, the mental faculties of the expected child get developed appropriately. Nourishes emotions and mind.Good for children to enhance memory focus and concentration 
2-4 tablets per day. 1 am, 1 pm. 60/120 tablets.

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