Indications: Helps in Mental Weakness, brain tonic, cardiac weakness, Parkinsonism, epilepsy, heart diseases, wavering mind disease due to violated vata, hemiplegic, anemia, dropsy, alcohol addiction,
tridosha, low hemoglobin, jet lag, impotency, slow immune system, fatigue – mental and physical, sluggish mind. Memory loss, mental disorders, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions.
Nervous system tonic, ensures mental equilibrium and improves, memory, personality, behavior and enhances intelligence; tranquilizes the nerves relieving anxiety, stress, restlessness and anger; removes toxins and Aam, helps in improving digestion, increase appetite; remove excess vata and pitta.
2 tablets per day: 1 am, 1 pm with honey.60/120 tablets.

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