Indications: Liver disorders (hepatitis, jaundice, liver abscess, cirrhosis), alcoholism, anemia, indigestion, obesity, splenomegaly, weakness. Stimulates liver to secrete pachaka pitta (bile). helps to Reduce obstructions of biliary channels. Mainly rectifies liver function and removes excess bile through stool; stimulates digestive and metabolic fires; decreases vata and pitta.Removes blocks caused by Aam in lymphatic and circulatory channels; decreases inflammation in the biliary ducts, stimulates metabolic and digestive fires, balances appetite, decreases pachak Pitta (bile)
Through feces, promotes normal liver secretion, removes impurities of blood and thus reduces splenic enlargement. Increases immunity to fight liver infection due to bacteria or worms. Promotes hemoglobin production. Increases dhatu agni, rectifies pitta’s movement downward and removes excess Pitta
through stool; decreases vata and kapha. Reduces the overall edema of the body by removing blocks in the circulatory and lymphatic channels.
2 tablets per day. 1 am,1 pm 60/120 tablets.

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