Indications: Acidity, respiratory ailments (sinusitis, hiccups, dry cough, asthma), headache, stress, giddiness, insomnia, hysteria, epilepsy, vertigo, bleeding nose, dysentery, loose motions, gastritis, abdominal colic, heartburn, gas, gallbladder stones, heart problems, palpitations, body ache, burning sensations, vomiting, mouth ulcerations, arthritis, low agni, infections and removing bacteria. Emotional, mental and physical imbalances caused by pitta (hyperacidity, headache, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria, giddiness, piles, loose motions, hair loss, eye problems, calcium deficiency problems, rickets osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spinal
Degeneration), vertigo, burning sensation, toxins. Balances and reduces V, P and K, brings back all the three doshas to their normal levels so that the body can function properly, brings vata to its normal path, helps toxins to come to the digestive tract and
be released through elimination process, reduces Aam especially in channels connecting the senses and intellect with the mind relieving anxiety, reduces respiratory congestion, toxin remover, a shock absorber and gives rest to the heart by improving the quality of veins and arteries. If used regularly it eradicates a problem permanently, needed to enhance all long-term effects or herbal treatments. Reduces and pacifies pitta in digestive system and overall in body; brings pitta in a downward direction removing
it in the stool and induces vata to move in natural path; increases Agni and removes Aam; harmonizes gastric enzymes and improves digestion; stimulates liver secretions; balances the stomach acids, reduces abdominal pain, decreases soreness and burning sensations, heals gastric ulcers; alleviates nausea and
Vomiting; mild laxative.Efficacious for all pathologies caused by excess pitta, decreases pitta at all levels. This product is given
to counterbalance the remedies which are hot in nature and pitta increasing. Brain tonic, rejuvenate, nourishes rasa and asthi dhatu and supports fetal development; lubricates and moistens all organs; sattvic grounding; increases calcium; supports patients undergoing chemotherapy, stimulates Agni and improves digestion. Produces post digestive nutritional plasma which is sweet, cool, soft and mild in nature and removes the sour, hot and sharp characteristics of pitta. Increases kapha.

2 tablets per day: 1 am, 1 pm. 30/120 tablets.

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