Indications: Weakness, chronic infection, general debility, total body ache, immune dysfunction, low ojas, under nourished rasa dhatu.

Regulates digestive and metabolic fire so food is properly absorbed, increases appetite, digests Aam and eliminates pitta through stool; improves metabolic functions and hence weight strength and vitality increase; nourishes all dhatus improving intellect, health and physical energy; increases immunity.

*removes slow poisons build up due to wrong diet when taken everyday for long term. Increases ojas thus nourishes all the tissues. Nourishes Rasa dhatu. As Rasa dhatu nourishes mind, emotions, all the tissues and ojas this Rasayan nourishes whole body, mind and emotions.

2 capsules daily, 1 am, 1 pm. 30/60 capsules.

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