Indications: Helps in Hot flushes, burning sensation, fever, dysuria, jaundice, vertigo, cellulites, acidity, headache, low vision, burning in eyes, disturbed vision, heart debility, too much exposure to screen, hypertension, excessive menstrual bleeding. Liver tonic, cleanses and reduces the liquid toxins of the blood thus, reduces quantity of blood finally calms down blood pressure created due to too much fluids in the blood. helps to Minimize heavy menstrual bleeding; regulate secretion of Pitta; promote normal function of digestive system and reduce inflammation of female reproductive system; reduce excess fluidity of Pitta and balances blood pressure in veins and arteries. (Pitta increases fluid volume of blood causing excessive blood pressure in veins and arteries resulting in hypertension, broken capillaries and bleeding through mouth, nose and piles. helps to balance dilation of blood vessels in the head which causes headaches. helps to Reduce the bleeding of nose, mouth, piles and any organ of the body.

2 tablets per day. 1 am, 1 pm. 120 tablets.


2 tablets per day, 1 am, 1 pm. 120 tablets.

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