Indications: Gynecological disorders, female infertility, anovulation, vaginal prolapsed, abnormal ovum, frigidity, primary and secondary amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, miscarriage, helps to regulate menstruation cycle

Inflammation, leucorrhoea, irregular menses. Astringent nature, reduces excess mucous secretions of vagina; reduces swelling and inflammation of the uterus favors the development and rupture of follicle, develops atrophied tissues of the female reproductive

organs. Rasayan, rejuvenating effect on all tissues stimulates the mind, enthusiasm and physical strength, prevents miscarriage, decreases Pitta and Vata. Decreases Aam (Aam blocks rasa dhatu which regulates hormones and enzymes secretion causing hormonal imbalances); rejuvenates female reproductive tissue,

promotes follicle development and rupture; rectifies menstrual flow, reduces inflammation and bulkiness of uterus; reduces excess Pitta in reproductive system; minimizes menstrual pain by reducing excess Vata which is responsible for abdominal pain and colic, being astringent in nature, it has a cooling and healing effect on the


4 tablets per day 2 am, 2 pm 60/120 tablets.

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