Made with organic plant based Dietary supplements in vegetable capsule which is also suitable for vegan, vegetarian and jain communities who don’t eat capsules due to gelatin which is usually made from animals like cows and pigs

– supports women through every stage of their lives. The main constituents steroidal saponins works as estrogen regulator. helps to regulate menstrual cycles, manage PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, and control the amount of blood loss. It may help with fluid retention and bloating before a period.

– antioxidant, Helps with Breast milk production, reduces mood swings due to menstruation, pregnancy or hormonal problems. Helps to enhance fertility

– helps to reduce Gastritis, heart burn, acidity

It helps Diabetes by balancing the extra blood glucose level and reducing the intestinal absorption of glucose.

– can work as a natural diuretic, fight against urinary tract problems and infections. maintains the health of the urinary bladder. help to reduce kidney stones

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