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Part One: The Principles of Ayurveda The first part of this book is about the basic principles of Ayurveda. It tells of the great importance we put on the spiritual and physical aspects, the three doshas, their subdoshas, the seven dhatus, the srotas and malas, together with Ayurveda’s healing modalities, Purvakarma and Panchakarma.
Part Two: Pulse Reading The second part of this unique book reveals the ancient secrets of pulse reading. Its uniqueness is in the fact that not many have gone as far as this book to fully demonstrate and explain the inner workings of this wonderful science.
In this section we explain the body’s imbalance (vikriti), plus the symptoms, recommendations . Fully-illustrated diagrams of the pulse make this subject practical and easy to understand.
Also included in the Appendices are our prescribed herbs, appropriate diets and Panchakarma treatments.
For practitioners, who have already acquired a reasonable knowledge of Ayurveda and comprehend the basics of this subject, should easily understand the vibrations of the pulse, interpret the patient’s vikriti and prescribe our medicinal herbs for the patient’s wellbeing

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