General symptoms: agitation, excitement, excessive alertness, restless legs, low concentration, loss of memory.

According to ayurveda: vata aggravating diet, lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and stress creates vata imbalance in the brain and causes lack of sleep and restlessness

Remedy: herbal supplements like brahmi, happimento ,Hrudraj , Ayumedha and Ashwagandha helps in reducing restlessness. if restlessness is due to hormonal imbalance herbs such as Amritprabha , ashwagandha and shatavari for both men and women and herbs such as cyclonav in females helps restlessness in females.
Application of cow ghee in the temples helps in restlessness.
Also avoiding vata aggravating diet and lifestyle, avoiding late night sleeps, stress helps in curing restlessness.

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