Sleep apnoea

General symptoms: breathing stops during sleep and pauses in breathing is called apnoea,It can occur many times a night and are more likely to occur in certain positions, particularly when sleeping on the back, experiencing choking sensation, excessive body movements during sleep, loss of concentration, headaches, lack of interest in sex.

According to ayurveda: consumption of alcohol, smoking, vata aggravating diet and
Lifestyle, stress, late night sleeps are basic causes of sleep apnoea. Also wrong sleeping position is the basic cause of sleep apnoea.







They help in sleep apnoea by reducing the blocks in respiratory tract removing mucus, opening the respiratory channels , making respiratory muscles strong and improving quality and quantity of sleep . Application of cow ghee on the temples and avoiding vata aggravating lifestyle and stress helps in sleep apnoea.
Avoid sleeping on the back Lie on the left side which is also called left lateral Position will help the oxygen to enter properly and allows the organs to relax
Reducing weight also helps in sleep apnoea.

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